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Make working properly metisMenu in vue app


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I want to use SB Admin 2 template from https://github.com/dpwilhelmsen/sb-admin-2-bootstrap-4

In my Laravel 5.7 / Vuejs 2.6 / Vuex 3.1/ Bootstrap 4.3  app and I take some steps for it :As it is based in metismenu In console I run next commands :

npm install --save metismenu
npm i popper

npm audit fix

In resources/js/app.js I included metismenu:


/* If to uncomment line above in console I got lot of errors :
 WARNING in ./node_modules/popper/index.js 235:35-58
Critical dependency: the request of a dependency is an expression
 @ ./resources/js/app.js
 @ multi ./resources/js/app.js ./resources/sass/sb2/app.scss ./resources/sass/sb2/sb-admin-2.scss



window.Vue = require('vue');

In resources/js/helpers/commonFuncs.js which is used in all vue pages I init menu at method :

export function checkAuthorization(store, router) {
    // console.log("-11 checkAuthorization::")

    router.beforeEach((to, from, next) => {


    function jQueryInit() {
    // alert( "jQueryInit"+(-55) )

    $(function () {
        // alert( "INSIDE::"+var_dump(-11) )
        console.log("Inside $('#side-menu')::")


//Loads the correct sidebar on window load,
//collapses the sidebar on window resize.
// Sets the min-height of #page-wrapper to window size
    $(function () {
        var setupPage = function () {
            var topOffset = 50;

            console.log("++1 typeof window::")
            console.log(typeof window)

            var width = (window.innerWidth > 0) ? window.innerWidth : screen.width;
            if (width < 768) {
                topOffset = 100; // 2-row-menu
            } else {

            console.log("++2 typeof window::")
            console.log(typeof window)
            var height = ((window.innerHeight > 0) ? window.innerHeight : screen.height) - 1;
            height = height - topOffset;
            if (height < 1) height = 1;
            if (height > topOffset) {
                $("#page-wrapper").css("min-height", (height) + "px");

        // debugger

        $(window).bind("load resize", setupPage);

        var url = window.location;
        var element = $('ul.nav a').filter(function () {
            return this.href == url;

        while (true) {
            if (element.is('li')) {
                element = element.parent().addClass('in').parent();
            } else {

    alert( "AFTER jQueryInit"+(-55) )

looking at console I do not see any JS errors and it looks that window is proper JS object.

I suppose that is best place for init of metismenu.

I did not attache any metisMenu.js / css files manually sopposing that command asbove


made it.

But layout of my page is broken.
You can look at it live at http://hostels-tours.nilov-sergey-demo-apps.tk/admin/dashboard
Please, pay attention at console output : https://imgur.com/a/xZ0EVNgI added style definition :

#wrapper {
  width: 100%;
  background-color: yellow;
  border: 2px dotted red;

to be sure that styling in resources/sass/sb2/sb-admin-2.scss are applied.
What is wrong and is it possible to work in vue app metisMenu.js ?


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