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Closing the lid: Linux shutting down, or just sleeping or - also hibernating  

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But i allways thought that we can do more things with hibernate

I allways thought: we re able to choose what closing the laptop lid does: Shutdown, Hibernate, Sleep, Nothing^

nowadays  most of us simply prefer to close the lid of Linux laptops once our work is over. This is just great. Closing the lid can result in our Linux shutting down, or just sleeping or - also hibernating.  Well it would be a pleasure if we can control the behavior and decide what we want to do, oce we close the lid. Wouldnt it be great: Most of us are aware that there are particularly 3 methods for powering down the Linux-System: We ve got many many options: 

- We can make the PC sleep
- We can hibernate the PC
- and yes we also can turn it off completely

The Sleep options consumes little power to help our PC wake up faster and in no time so that you are back to where you left off. Chances of losing your work due to battery draining are minimized to zero in the Sleep mode as the OS automatically saves all 
your work before turning off your PC when the battery is too low. This mode is often brought into use when a person is away from his desk just for a while. Say, for a coffee break or getting some refreshments.
The Hibernate option, in comparison to the Sleep mode uses even less power and lands you at the same position where you last left off. The option however, should be used when you are aware that you won’t use your laptop for an extended period.

How to learn more about  how to shutdown, hibernate, sleep the operating-System by closing the lid of our laptop.
Laptop settings – When you close lid

note: i have a laptop which runs Manjaro 18xy - but if i close the lid  = i get no power off 

i have to figure out what goes wrong here 


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