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Need help for PHP script


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Hello, I created a small simple script that generates a sequence of numbers and I would like to put a (hidden) list of numbers as the starting script, and I would like the script to detect if there is the same sequence of numbers than in the list, and if so, the script reset until it’s good
It’s for my school, and I’m having trouble :)

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Yep, i have that :



$regularNumbers = 5;
$bonusNumbers = 1;
$regularNumbersMin = 1;
$regularNumbersMax = 69;
$bonusNumbersMin = 1;
$bonusNumbersMax = 26;
$bonusUniqueFromRegular = false;
$results = array(
    'regular_nums' => array(),
    'bonus_nums' => array()

foreach(range(1, $regularNumbers) as $i){
    $randNum = mt_rand($regularNumbersMin, $regularNumbersMax);
    while(in_array($randNum, $results['regular_nums'])){
        $randNum = mt_rand($regularNumbersMin, $regularNumbersMax);
    array_push($results['regular_nums'], $randNum);

foreach(range(1, $bonusNumbers) as $i){
    $randNum = mt_rand($bonusNumbersMin, $bonusNumbersMax);
    while(in_array($randNum, $results['bonus_nums']) || ($bonusUniqueFromRegular && in_array($randNum, $results['regular_nums']))){
        $randNum = mt_rand($bonusNumbersMin, $bonusNumbersMax);
    array_push($results['bonus_nums'], $randNum);


echo 'Results: <br>';
echo implode(", ", $results['regular_nums']);
echo '<br>';
echo 'Bonus: <br>';
echo implode(", ", $results['bonus_nums']);

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and what is the 'trouble'??


BTW - as a newbie you may not be aware but PHP is a case-sensitive language.  That means that if you use a cap letter in a var name but then reference that var later on without the proper cap, you will not be referencing the same var.  That can be a real problem with a long script when you can't figure out why something isn't quite right.  I highly suggest that you NOT use mixed case names to avoid this problem.  All lower case is so much easier to work with, IMHO.  That and some underscores to break up longer var names.  In your case I would use "bonus_numbers_min" and "bonus_numbers_max".

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OK, guessing this is a "lottery". Use array_intersect() to find matching numbers

$results = [ 4, 36, 44, 55, 57 ];

$user    = [ 3, 21, 44, 45, 55 ];

$matching = array_intersect($results, $user);


echo '<pre>', print_r($matching, 1), '</pre>';

    [2] => 44
    [3] => 55


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