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Need advice what to use to scrape Chinese website

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I need to scrape a Chinese website. (I guess there is no difference between scraping a Chinese website and a normal one?)

It's my suppliers weblink. They have have told me to download images and text from their website profile link off 1688.com.

There is an API - but from what I've read, it's pants + my virus checked doesn't allow me to visit the API doc page.

What tool should I use?

I've got lots of experience coding - but master of none. Maybe I still fall into the newbie category. LOL.

I saw a link from an article... they gave these names:


Which should I consider?

IMPORTANT: I need to download and then upload into my Woocommerce website.

I need images + variation details. I'll have a little file with translations, so if XYZ is found in Chinese, then it is replaced with this.

I thought I would mention the extra detail incase it was relevant to considering which scraping tool to pick.



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If they have an API that does what you need then that's going to be the best way to go. Even if it's not the greatest. Because scraping stuff correctly and accurately is difficult.

Disable your antivirus's web scanning part and (carefully) try viewing the docs again?

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