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want to change the qrcode details


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Hello guys I have created a form and after entering details in the form user will click the generate button after that will get the qrcode. The problem I am facing is that when a user wants to change the qrcode details then it should upload the qrcode and change but how to do it I have no Idea any help will be appreciated.

The QRcode created using the PHP library. If you need some more information then  you can reply m.

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Treat the QR code like you would treat an address label.

You print the label from the data in your database. If the address changes you change it in the database and reprint the label. You do not attempt to scan the exisiting label with an OCR reader in order to alter the  address (or perhaps you do)

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Storing personalized info could lead to a way more complex system as he's in need of authentication, authorization and other security related stuff and legal issues - i don't see that this infrastructure already exists anywhere. A plain encode/decode tool is much simpler, and it's just glueing some libraries together.

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