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Delete wp-config-sample.php - things that we should do in a fresh WP-Installation

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good evening dear experts. 


from time to time i muse about some preliminary things:   - what about this: 

Delete wp-config-sample.php - things that we should do in a fresh WP-Installation 

Delete wp-config-sample.php 



wp-config-sample.php is found in the root of your WordPress installation. If your hosting company offers a one-click installation, you will see both wp-config.php AND wp-config-sample.php in the root folder. Just go ahead & delete wp-config-sample.php. Your hosting company has already setup & created wp-config.php, and the sample file is not needed. if you are installing WordPress on your own, you will only have a wp-config-sample.php file. You need to rename this file to just wp-config.php. If you rename it, then the sample file will not be there anymore, which is what you want. No need to delete anything.


well - this is pretty important - i think i gonna do this now in all the areas i have to do with wp 


have a great day

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