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Wemos with a serial/USB chip based on CH304G - using for micropython

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hello dear experts, 

this tutorial here - ( regarding the rc car that runs with micropython ) notes the following

Step 4: MicroPython Installation

cf: https://www.instructables.com/id/MicroPython-IoT-Rover-Based-on-WeMos-D1-ESP-8266EX/



First, Wemos has a serial/USB chip based on CH304G. This is the same chip found in cheap Arduino-clones and you must install a proper driver for Mac or PC. Follow the instructions on this site to install the driver.

Connect Wemos to your computer and confirm that your computer could detect Wemos. On Mac, run the following command and you will see a device called /dev/tty.wchusbserial640.




well - is the chip that is mentioned -  Wemos has a serial/USB chip based on CH304G  - is it on the WEMOS Board or should i add them on a breakout-board!? 

well i want to stick with Mycropython in the project - i want to go this way. 

love to hear from you,


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I have figured it out. 

The CH340G chip is on the Wemis boards which thus have an USB socket & interface. 
So in other words - the CH340 (or a similar USB to TTL serial adapter chip) is the chip on the WeMos board takes care for the USB-Socket and interface.

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