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hello dear all 

besides some projects with RC-Cars where i have a full set of hardware i have some iot-projects in mind where i only need the esp 8266 (/ and in several the esp32 ) and a set of little sensors. 

some questions.  Is it suffice if i only take two of the following akku-blocks to power all that.

NiMH-Akkupack H-AA1200Bx2, 2x AA
2,4 V/1200 mAh, bestehend aus 2 NiMH-Mignonzellen. Einsetzbar für Modellbau, Beleuchtungszwecke, Telefone, Funkgeräte usw. Maße (BxHxT): 28x50x14 mm. Bitte Beachten: Das Fertigungsdatum dieser Akkus ist KW17/2007. Eine Stichprobe von 10 Stück ergab 4 gute Akkupacks (Kapazität nach Auffrischung > 70% der Nennkapazität). see https://www.pollin.de/p/nimh-akkupack-h-aa1200bx2-2x-aa-271629

love to hear from you 


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ESP 8266 requires 3.3v to operate so you'll need two of those packs in series and a regulator to get the proper voltage.  Other hardware you use may require different voltages so you'll have to check those.

You'll just need to figure out what voltage levels all the stuff you want to use requires and then use a power source at that level.

Probably anything you want to use would be <=12v so you could just get a 12v source then a hand full of 3.3v, 5v, and 9v regulators to get the needed levels.  That should cover most things.


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dear Kicken, 


many thanks for the quick reply. Great to hear from you.  I am very glad to have your advice.  I will do so and buy all the recommendet regulators 

By the way: i am very glad to be here - this is an great place to discuss all things i am interested in. 

I really love this board. 

have a great day!! 


greetings Dil_bert;)

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