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Looking for a place to start!

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I'm looking for a little help with something... a tutorial or something where I can learn would be ideal but direct help would be welcome as well.


So! I'm designing a website for a game I play. For an example, each unit in this game has 3 costumes and each costume has different skills. What I'd like to do it have the unit image displayed and the information for the skills next to it. I want to be able to click an image and have it change the skill information in those same fields.

Try to give an example;

Unit A image, Skill 1 text, Skill 2 text.
When you click Unit B image it changes the Skill 1 text and Skill 2 text to something different.

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A bit light on the details but okay.

Where are you starting at? How much do you know about HTML and CSS? Because the first step here will be to design the page to look reasonable - I don't mean something that looks amazing and professional, but something you could live so that you can continue onto the fancier "change the skill information" stuff.

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59 minutes ago, Gherky said:

Unit A image, Skill 1 text, Skill 2 text.

To display that information you need to have it stored somewhere, so you have to decide where and how to make it easily accessible. Your options are

  1. in the code (this means rewriting the code if you want to make additions or changes)
  2. in a file
  3. in a database (probably overkill for this application)

... which leaves option 2.


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