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Search some features of DBeaver under kubuntu


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Using DBeaver 6.1.5 under kubuntu 18.04 I wonder does it have feature
like Save/Load Context - which is helpfull withing (1 or several databases ) to switch to different set of tables, save it and reopen when I need ?

2) If I do not want to use all my databases on the current connection, How can I hide some databases, without deleting them?

3) I see that after installation DBeaver has different fonts I have installed in my OS : https://imgur.com/a/4jiBJYi
I have found “Preferences”->"Colors and Fonts ", but I failed to apply my system fonts to the app :
even clicking on “Use system Font” button I do not see my system fonts applied to this app.
How can I apply my system fonts? Maybe configuring some config files?


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