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New in Web Development - as a Hobby

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I have been very hesitant in learning web development because it has no many moving parts, but a month ago I started learning using the book "Learning PHP, MySQL & Javascript" by Robin Nixon on O'Reilly and I have been very happy with it.

My current object is the following.

1. Read and Learn "Learning PHP, MySQL & Javascript" by Robin Nixon

2. Read and Learn "Pro PHP MVC" by Pitt, Chris

3. Create a POS/Inventory System to test out learned knowledge.

You may see me post in this forum from time to time and seek help, as I learn you stuff I hope I can give back to the community and help others if I can. But for now, study first. God Speed to Everyone!

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Welcome to the forums, Sheen!  If you'e going to be working with POSs, be prepared to learn to interact with APIs, which means you're going to need to also grasp Object Oriented Programming.

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