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CodeIgniter and form data

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Hi y'all. So I'm currently working a project in CodeIgniter and I can't get the frigging thing to pass data from a form. At all.

My autoload.php:

$autoload['helper'] = [

Here's the view code:

			print form_open('/location/change', ['id'=>'location']);
			print form_label('Location', 'locations');
			print form_dropdown('locations', $locations, (!empty($_SESSION['location'])) ? $_SESSION['location'] : '');
			print form_submit('change_location', 'Change');
			print form_close();

The route:

$route['location/change']['post'] = 'location/change';

And the controller code:

class Location extends CI_Controller{
   public function change(){


    $vars = $this->input->post();

    print("<pre>".var_export($_POST, true)."</pre>");
    print("<pre>".var_export($vars, true)."</pre>");

The output:

array (

array (

WTF? This is quite literally the simplest thing to do - I just want to pass data... Any ideas why it's not working?

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Confirm that the <form> is method=POST, and that your browser is POSTing data to the script (using its developer console). And that there isn't somehow a redirect happening.

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I still don't know what the issue was - another form on the same page worked fine. I ended up refactoring to use text links instead of a drop-down and got it working. Thanks for the help!

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