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job tracking; time entry


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Has anyone a good example of a job tracking time entry page?  Each of our machines have internet access and use it for various things (Yah, I couldn't believe it either first time I saw it.  These machines can seriously hurt you and it's a something to see the machine panel running with yahoo on the side.

We're looking for something with a start stop field and ability to edit.  (Clocks don't always get 'stopped' when the job is complete.  Sometimes they aren't started.)  We're not afraid of fraud.  We want something to keep the whining to a minimum.  The job clock can stop but can restart (lunch for example).

Thank you.

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Took 2 hours to come to the same conclusion.  Clipboard and Excel.  It's an exercise in vigilance.  Still though I have yet to see a good time recording application.  The time 'clocks' at various employers, even the mechanical ones, were in constant need of HR support or breaking down.  It was painful to watch employee interaction.  There's some money to be made out there.  Thank you.


(Post it notes ... never)

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