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Trying to remember name of old framework


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Okay, this is a head scratcher for me...

About 10-15 years ago, there was this framework that seemed to be pretty popular in the LAMP work for quickly building websites.  (I think it was written in PHP.)

The thing I recall about it was that it you could create your own markup tags to markup up fields using curly brackets { }.

I wish I could be more specific but this is all that is coming to mind.

Any clues of what I might be thinking about?

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43 minutes ago, Barand said:


Smarty and Twig are both template engines.

Unfortunately I couldn't find what I was looking...  😞

I remember installing Smarty when it first came out (maybe early 2000s?) onto my then Windows tower.

I also recall looking at the code and it was the most god-awful example of coding I have every seen?!  (To call it spaghetti code would be an insult to people writing spaghetti code?!)

Was hoping to get a copy of that crap for some good laughs - oh well?!  😎

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