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Help with auction script


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I purchased this script several years back and, other then loading it on a test site, didn't use it.  I found it in with my zip files and decided to put it on my site.  I've already emailed the people I bought the script off about this problem, but their email bounced, so I guess they aren't around any more.

You can see the "working" script at www.elizasart.com/index.php

Everything works - but the dates seem to be screwed up so that as soon as I load an auction it's closed.  I thought it might be my computer clock, but that's showing the right time/date, so it's not that.  There must be somewhere in the script that tells the time, and it's wrong or something.

Any suggestions?  If anyone wants to have a look inside the script let me know and I'll give you the login details.


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If you bought this script then Id'e say your stuck. read the liscence and see if you own the source, if so, were going to need to see the relevent section of code. A login wont help.

if you can't find the relevent piece of code, you might want to post this in the freelance forum, but like I said, check your liscense first.
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I don't see a licence - there isn't a file named licence and the read me has no information other then how to install it.  I wouldn't think that I would own the source though - not if they were selling it.  They seem to have disapeared into thin air.

I don't suppose you would hazzard a guess WHERE the relevent file would be?
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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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