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VScode vs VScodium on Debian - which one to use :


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hello dear experts good day dear PHP-Freaks


the question today is: VScode vs VScodium on Debian - which one to use!? i want to work with VSCode on Debian  - now i have heard that there also a alternative Kit exists.
vscodium - i want to configure this to  work with Python and MicroPython - and of course also with PHP. 



what do you say - can we install this on Debian too - without any hassle?

We have covered Visual Studio Code before so you must know how much of an awesome code editor it is. 

While VS Code is open source freeware, its source code is only available on Microsoft’s official GitHub repo and its downloads are licensed under a closed source license which contains telemetry so you’ll be happy with the app we have for you today. VSCodium is a tracking-free, free and open source build of Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code created so that developers will not have to build VS Code from source which contains telemetry/trackers. This fit is accomplished by using special scripts to clone the vscode repo, build it from source, and then upload the resulting binaries to VSCodium’s GitHub releases free of telemetry passes. With that being said, VSCodium is a replica of Visual Studio Code and thus, works in the same way with all the features  and support present in its parent project. Except for the app icon – that’s different.

Features in VSCodium
Free to use
Cross-Platform: Available on Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac.
Open source with source code available on GitHub.
Native support for several languages.
Additional functionality using extensions.
IntelliSense and smart code completion.
An advanced and robust built-in debugger.
Native support for Git.

cf: https://www.fossmint.com/vscodium-clone-of-visual-studio-code-for-linux/

so the question is: VScode vs VScodium on Debian - which one to use!?

what do you say!? 

love to hear from you



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