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Twenty Seventeen Auto Scrolling Menu Creation

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hello dear experts, good day dear freaks


in this thread i will make sure if i have gathered all the necessary ideas and things i need to know to set up the parallax-theme 2017

method: I Want to apply the twentyseventeen theme (this with the paralaxx-effect) to a website: i want to do this with the theme-cusotmization with the native theme customizer: 

goal: i want to apply it to the page - I chose this method, because it is pretty quick, easy to follow and it works straight out of the box.  well i have to work through the following steps and subequently - after all those steps i have to save all the settings - with click “Save” buttons and  Doing so - i also make sure that i have cleaned the cache plugin. 

method i have studied allmost all the postings here in the forum - and i have read quite alot.  
with all that i have made up my mind and a plan on how to do the setup of the parallax-theme 2017 - on wordpress. now i want to exchange the ideas with you - and share all the thoughts on the setup.  Please set me straigth if i have any misunderstandings or errors in the plan' 

preliminary step: first of all i have to set the website to have a so called “static front page”.  that  said: To do this, we can go to our Customizer and set up the so called "Static Front Page"

now we have to check the setup of this recent step the setting of the "static page". whilst doing so - with the approacoh of the setup of the static-page i for one will use my  so called “Welcome”-page as the so called "Front Page", and furthermore i use the “Blog-Page” as my so called Posts Page. The so called "website reading settings", By the way: as for the static page setting, this is pretty important. 

Furthermore  it is pretty important to set the sections, in the Customizer – Theme Options – i assinge the pages to 

section 1, 
section 2,
section 3,
section 4.

I set my pages up

<strong>3. Optional</strong>, we can now put the so called "featured-images", then we can add “featured images” to all of our pages that we have assigned theme to Twenty Seventeen’s Theme options except the front page, which is in my case “Welcome” page that I assigned in the very first step - (the step 1) above. now we can Install, and activate the Twenty Seventeen-theme one page parallax plugin which is called Page scroll to id plugin. Now, i will create a new menu in the backend of the wordpress page:  that we will assign to our top-level-navigation bar.

so far so good: well these steps were quiet alot -  till this setup i have made many steps. I hope that they are correct! I for one create a new menu, to separate this menu from other menus, because this menu will have ids that other menu links don’t have. I name my menu to be, “Dynamic parallax menu”. Then add items, which are “Custom Links” to this menu.  These are my menus as example. I use the panel ids to target the scrolling. Also, I add “nofollow”  attribute to these menu links. My reason is because this URL has also another URL that has the same content.

question: what do you say  - are these thoughts consistent and do they make sense!? Please set me straigth if i have any misunderstandings or errors in the plan' 

above all: i am so happy to be here in this  great place. plz keep up the great work - this place is one of the best places for help in all php things and much much more!!!

many thanks to all the supporters here!!! you guys rock!



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