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Mysql using 50gb Ram

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Hey guys,

this is my first post, so please tell me if i do something wrong.

My Problem:

I'm using mysql innodb on Ubunut 18.04 > sql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.27 <

and im running unto some strange issues.

First: if i change the values in my.cnf for       innodb_buffer_pool_size=48G

mysql using 50gb of ram but the database is 11gb large (there is only one Database) .

Can someone tell me what mysql is doing? where are the 37gb of data comming from?

I have some heavy  select and write querys and i need fast results.

At the beginning with my mysql experiences i wanted to create a fstab ram directory and put mysql into it, but then i found the buffer pool option and i hoped it would solve my problem.

I hope someone have some ideas what to do or what i missunderstand.


Best regards .


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That's 11 GB of database you have. Does it only include InnoDB data and indexes, then you should only have about buffer size accordingly. Most of the times buffer pool size should not fit your data size. Many tables are inactive, like backup tables lying around. Please check your complete database size including inactive components. For MySQL buffer size you can check this post, try tuning for improved performance. If nothing works, run MySQL Database recovery tool, free download is available for the preview of repaired database.

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