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WP-Polylang: can i echo a language's name by working with the 'raw' attribute?

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hello dear freaks,

pretty new to Polylang the translation-plugin for wordpress. 

at the moment i am working out the layout for the new project-page: well I'd like to make a language-switcher at the wordpress-site, but - to be frank:  the default that come shipped with the wordpreess-options they actually wont work for me. I_ am trying to figure out why this is so!? At the moment - and with reagrd to the reference-page of polylang


 -  cf: https://polylang.wordpress.com/documentation/documentation-for-developers/functions-reference/

i think that i can do it with a creation of a function: Therefore i think i can make use of the so called 'raw' attribute. with the first tests i try to figure out whether my languages will show up at all:

$translations = pll_the_languages(array('raw'=>1));
echo $translations[0]['name'];

well - to be frank:  This code doesn't output anything - i guess that I am missing a bit of information?

guess that i should use 



could i do it like so - and using code like this:


echo $translations['it']['name'];

## -- since it seems to be much better to verify if the langauge-key exists in the array or not.

$value= "";
if($key_exists('it',$translations) && $key_exists('name',$translations['nl'])){
$value = $translations['it']['name'];
echo $value;

for the reference-things i should have to look at the polylang reference-page here - cf https://polylang.wordpress.com/documentation/documentation-for-developers/functions-reference/

when using one or more of these function, you *must* check for its existence before using it, otherwise your site will badly break with a fatal error at next Polylang update (as WordPress deletes the plugin when updating it).

Displays a language switcher.


pll_the_languages( $args );
$args is an optional array parameter


Options are:

‘dropdown’ => displays a list if set to 0, a dropdown list if set to 1 (default: 0)
‘show_names’ => displays language names if set to 1 (default: 1)
‘display_names_as’ => either ‘name’ or ‘slug’ (default: ‘name’)
‘show_flags’ => displays flags if set to 1 (default: 0)
‘hide_if_empty’ => hides languages with no posts (or pages) if set to 1 (default: 1)
‘force_home’ => forces link to homepage if set to 1 (default: 0)
‘echo’ => echoes if set to 1, returns a string if set to 0 (default: 1)
‘hide_if_no_translation’ => hides the language if no translation exists if set to 1 (default: 0)
‘hide_current’=> hides the current language if set to 1 (default: 0)
‘post_id’ => if set, displays links to translations of the post (or page) defined by post_id (default: null)
‘raw’ => use this to create your own custom language switcher (default:0)
Important: You have to output yourself the ul tags if you don’t use the dropdown option.



<!-- outputs a list of languages names -->
<?php pll_the_languages(); ?>
<!-- outputs a flags list (without languages names) -->
<?php pll_the_languages( array( 'show_flags' => 1,'show_names' => 0 ) ); ?>
<!-- outputs a dropdown list of languages names -->
<?php pll_the_languages( array( 'dropdown' => 1 ) ); ?>


If the options are not enough, you can build your own custom language switcher using the ‘raw’ argument:

$translations = pll_the_languages( array( 'raw' => 1 ) );

The function will return an array of arrays, one array per language with the following entries:


[id] => language id
[slug] => language code used in urls
[name] => language name
[url] => url of the translation
[flag] => url of the flag
[current_lang] => true if this is the current language, false otherwise
[no_translation] => true if there is no available translation, false otherwise
The function is meant to display a language switcher. So it is not availaible on backend. If you need a function to get information about available languages, you should use pll_languages_list() instead.


to sume up : i sure have to do some tests and have to learn to use the referenced code.  - i do some tests and will try to digg deeper in that sort of problems. 

above all: i am so glad to be here at this great place of idea-sharing and knowledge-exchange.

plz - keep up this great place - it is one of the best places for all php- and internet things i ever have experienced

i love this forum!!!! 


regards dil_bert ;) )



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