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Remove a HTML tag class DOM

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I have this code that deletes any div that contains class = "comments-box"

$dom = new DOMDocument;
$xp = new DOMXPath($dom);

// get the node list of div nodes with "target" class
$spanNodeList = $xp->query('//div[contains(@class, "comments-box")]');

foreach ($spanNodeList as $spanNode) {
$spanNode->parentNode->replaceChild($spanNode->firstChild, $spanNode);

I need it to delete all the divs that it also contains
class = "heycomments-box"
class = "sdfcomments-box"
class = "comments-boxsdfdfh"

class = "sdgsdgcomments-boxsdfdfh"


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This time, your answer doesn't help me with anything, sorry

I need that if a div contains a class that includes word "comments-box". example: "23comments-box234"; "sdgcomments-boxsdg" and feels others, is eliminated with DOM code that I wrote above


Sorry and Thanks for your time lost with me

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I need something like this with Dom

preg_replace('#<div class="(.*?)comments-box(.*?)">(.*?)</div>#', '', $html);  



Must delete all div, which contains class combinations that contains word comments-box. They can be billions. I can't do it manually

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