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Wordpress: what if my website has no Transportencryption (https) working?

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hello dear php-experts,

what if my (wordpress-) website has no Transportencryption (https) working.

in other words is it so that in this case i am transmitting credentials unencrypted through the wire!?

does this affect any law or gdpr issue (law)?!

Love to hear from you


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1 hour ago, requinix said:

Yes and potentially yes.

hello dear Requinix 


many thanks for the quick reply glad to hear from you .


well - i encountered this on a site which is a beta-beta-beta site: but i am willing to fulfill all the GDPR-things. So i have to take care of the correct way and that Transportencryption (https) is  working propperly.

And i am pretty sure requinix that you are right - in every sight!  

I can say that I can't imagine there are many users that would willingly enter any account credentials on an unencrypted page at this point in time.
btw: as for some fixes in that sort of thing: can we fix the https (there are free certificates one can use like zerossl.com/free-ssl/ for example) and furthermore - what about to look into a simple free gdpr/cookie consent script like eg here www.freeprivacypolicy.com/cookie-consent/ above all: i will make sure that the GDBR authorities will be able to go even on my small website that for any reason - if they are interested in GDBR-Things. like

- logging user data (like requiring visitors to login,

- or any kind of cookie tracking).

Above all: many thanks dear requinix for the reply.  I will take care - and above all - i will set up the whole server new.. so that all of these things will be correct. 


regards ;)


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