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Undefined Variable from ajax to POST

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I have this ajax function in my PRS.php that whenever i select a value from dropdown, a text field will show an output based on the value which selected. In my console i see there was a POST everytime theres a select value from the drop down. But im getting an error 'Undefined Variable' in ff.php which fetching the POST value from PRS.php  Im new in jQuery so im stuck here in this problem. Any solution for this ? Thanks in advance.

Here is my code in PRS.php

<?php $drp = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT productcode FROM products"); ?>
                          <td><select name="drpcode" onchange="getState(this.value)" class="form-control name_list"><?php  while ($dp = mysqli_fetch_array($drp)) { ?>
                            <option value="<?php echo $dp['productid']; ?>"><?php echo $dp['productcode']; ?></option><?php } ?></select></td>

                      <td><input type="text" id="brandss" name="brand" placeholder="Brand" class="form-control name_list" required  value=" "></td>


My code in ff.php



      $id = $_POST['productid'];

         $query = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT productbrand FROM products WHERE productid = '$id' ");

         while($rs = mysqli_fetch_array($query,MYSQLI_BOTH)) {
         $brand = $rs['productbrand'];


echo $brand;


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Undefined variable? Which variable? Is it $brand?

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It's hard to find something that is defined.

  • Your first query selects productcode from products but the value for the options is "productid"
  • The select is named "drpcode" yet you are expecting $_POST[''productid']
4 hours ago, xtekuta said:

Im new in jQuery

What jQuery? What AJAX function?

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