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running stresstest to check how healthy the server is - and to find out why a script sometimes stopps working

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hello dear PHP-Experts hello and good day, 

in the past few weeks i have had some issues on a server - with Wordpress and Limesurvey.  I also have openend a thread here. Now the site is up again 
and runs well. The limesurvey-page often has thrown a page like ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Error (both on FireFox and on Chrome) 

Since 24 h. the behaviour is better - the site is up again. see path: http://www.f-s-j.de/limesurvey/index.php/admin/index
limesurvey :: https://www.limesurvey.org/about-limesurvey/ version 3.20.02 

it is installed in (between) a wordpress :: in other words: the limesurvey was installed under a folder inside my wordpress installation. 
Some limesurvey-experts say that i will get all kind of issues over the time. And that it has to do with the installation-structure: 

- MyDomain.TLD/limesurvey/ (LimeSurvey)
- MyDomain.TLD/ (Wordpress)

hypothesis: LimeSurvey and Wordpress tell the server to rewrite URLs for the browser. In my setup Wordpress just tries to overrule certain settings of LimeSurvey. 
The Limesurvey-folks recommend that i would need to check every change and update manually the htaccess file (since i am  running apache).

final recommendation: To minimize work and trouble, i should install wordpress and limesurvey side by side. 

we then need to redirect from MyDomain.TLD/ -> MyDomain.TLD/wordpress/, but then (after this step) i have clean folders and don't cause delays
and loops when it comes to URL accessing.  
This safe way of installation side by side includes a special procedure: to use /w/ for wordpress and /s/ for limesurvey will keep the URL short.

Again: the error way: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE - after it worked very well for weeks

what can i do now!?

btw. the wordpress on the server still runs well

question: can i perfom a so called stress- or perfomance-Test to see how healthy the server is!?
in other words: is there a Performance-, Last- und Stress-Test for a Webserver out there. 

note: some data: 
PHP Version 5.6.39
eg. wordpress-basic-installation 
sometimes i get the error: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE Error 

look forward to hear from you 



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hello again -

well i also have discussed the issue with the limesurvey-user here: 


after having mused bout the errors and the possible reasons - after having mused bout porting over the installation on subomains or a
 side to side installation i suddenly saw that the site is coming back... ;)

note: i guess that the errors ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE - is rooted in a very very weak server - just that easy - is this possible - is this thinkable!?

Holch - one user of the limesurvey - he has got the very same installation -  structure as i have. 

the user holch: : in this thread you answer very interestingly :


I run Limesurvey and Wordpress in a very similar setting (Wordpress in root and LS in subfolder) 
and I don't have the same problems. So while I wouldn't want to exclude this as the source of issues completely, 
I would probably focus on other aspects first, as it works fine with me for quite some time now. 
Of course, as Jelo says, any update in one of the two applications could start causing problems.




at the moment it goes very well - in other words i have no issues at the moment: Holch - is it thinkable that this error is rooted in a very slow server!? I have to admit that this seerver is very very old and will be replaced very soon (in a few weeks)

you have mentioned that you have installed limesurvey in (exactly) the same way as i did.
you also have mentioned that you did not have encountered any of the issues as i have encountered.

is this true!? 

furthermore; i have googled this error - guess that it is this one: 




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