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Running PolyLang in a special Use-Case: a page-only setting

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 hello dear experts,  


Running PolyLang in a special Use-Case: a page-only setting 

the topic of the day: How to run PolyLang the wordpress-translation for a special use case - my use-case: i only want to have PolyLand in the pages:

The use case: in my use case: Pages describe the project. Therfore the pages are important to me. 

I’m using polylang for translating pages  - and i am very happy with it.  Posts, i do not want to translate.
on my page - the Posts should stay be single language - englisch.

the question is: is this behaviour doable - can i configure wordpress and polylang so that.
What is aimed: the sytem should show when I publish posts without translating. is this doable!?

question: do i still need a post in each language. Is this necessary?

solution 1: so in the case of the posts: the solution can be to copy the post 1:1 to all reffered languages, 
so in fact Polylang gets the post (with different ID) in all the requested languages but with the same content.

or even better: the solution 2 So no way to ignore translating posts.

“ignore translating posts”? How do you expect Polylang should ignore posts?

this is my use case 



* Offering to visitors the interface in different languages - therefore a language switcher is important.
* Pages describe the project and it is good to have all of them translated.
* Posts do not need to be translated in any of these languages, but we don’t want the separation by languages. 
We don’t have the capacity to translate everything. Most readers will understand english langauage at some degree anyway. 
We want them to read all the posts in english.




what may help me - we can turn off translations for posts with a hook:


function turn_blogposts_translation_off( $post_types, $is_settings ) {
  unset( $post_types['post'] );
  return $post_types;

add_filter( 'pll_get_post_types', 'turn_blogposts_translation_off', 

furthermore we can with Polylang deactivate the translations for the Categories and Tags of Post.


Turn Off Translations for Category

function turn_categoryblog_translation_off( $taxonomies, $is_settings ) {
    unset( $taxonomies['category'] );
    return $taxonomies;
add_filter( 'pll_get_taxonomies', 'turn_categoryblog_translation_off', 10, 2 );
Turn Off translations for tag


and the turn-off of even more... see here: 


function turn_tagblog_translation_off( $taxonomies, $is_settings ) {
    unset( $taxonomies['post_tag'] );
    return $taxonomies;
add_filter( 'pll_get_taxonomies', 'turn_tagblog_translation_of


well - i will try out the code to get the aimed goals done and do achieve all the things i need to achive on the site.



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