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How to return an entire array from a PHP Function?


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I hate array...¬† ¬†ūüėě

So I had a block of code inside my photo-gallery.php script that took the path to my photos directory, and went to that directory, and then read all of the photo filenames into an array.  Then in my HTML, I iterate through this array to display all of the photos for my gallery.

Now I would like to move that code to an included file so multiple scripts can access it and always be working with the same array.

It seems to me that I need to encapsulate my code inside a function?

Then I could call my getPhotoFilesArray back to my callings cript, and use that array for whatever.

I haven't coded PHP in like 4 years and I am struggling to return the entire array back to my caling script.

This is what I have so far...

	function getPhotoFilesArray($photoPath){
	     $photoFiles = array();
	     <code to find corresponding files>
	     $photoFiles gets populated in a loop
	     return $photoFiles;


Then in my calling script, I have...

	     require_once(WEB_ROOT . 'utilities/functions.php');


I get some error...

	Notice: Undefined variable: phtoFiles in photo-gallery.php line 133 (which is my var_dump).



Would appreciate help getting this to work!



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