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Database rsults formatting:

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I am trying to get my database entry's to C# in Unity to display them.

This formatting works

echo ("|".$row['GUID']. PHP_EOL. "|".$row['userName']. PHP_EOL. "|".$row['health']. PHP_EOL. "|".$row['level']. PHP_EOL. "|".$row['points']. PHP_EOL. "|".$row['killBonus']. PHP_EOL. "|".$row['killRate']. PHP_EOL. "|".$row['kills']. PHP_EOL. "|".$row['misses']. PHP_EOL. ";");

But When I get it into Unity using this code

string Data_string = www.downloadHandler.text;        
                string[] DataArray;
                DataArray = Data_string.Split('|');

                string guid = (DataArray[0]);
                string username = (DataArray[1]);
                int health = System.Convert.ToInt32(DataArray[2]);
                int level = System.Convert.ToInt32(DataArray[3]);
                int points = System.Convert.ToInt32(DataArray[4]);
                int killBonus = System.Convert.ToInt32(DataArray[5]);
                float killRate = float.Parse(DataArray[6]);
                float kills = float.Parse(DataArray[7]);
                float misses = float.Parse(DataArray[8]);

It puts out the first string "GUID" but then throws an error before "username".

Can someone help me understand what I am doing wrong?



This is the error I am getting.


FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
System.Number.StringToNumber (System.String str, System.Globalization.NumberStyles options, System.Number+NumberBuffer& number, System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo info, System.Boolean parseDecimal) (at <df7127ba07dc446d9f5831a0ec7b1d63>:0)
System.Number.ParseInt32 (System.String s, System.Globalization.NumberStyles style, System.Globalization.NumberFormatInfo info) (at <df7127ba07dc446d9f5831a0ec7b1d63>:0)
System.Int32.Parse (System.String s, System.IFormatProvider provider) (at <df7127ba07dc446d9f5831a0ec7b1d63>:0)
System.Convert.ToInt32 (System.String value) (at <df7127ba07dc446d9f5831a0ec7b1d63>:0)
Login+<LoginCalled>d__4.MoveNext () (at Assets/CODE/Login.cs:52)
UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/Coroutines.cs:17)


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If you are splitting on "|", why put the PHP_EOLs in there?

Also, try omitting the leading "|" in your string, so you have


When you split that on "|" the guid should be item 0.

With the leading "|" (i.e "| guid | username | …") I would expect item 0 to be blank after the split and guid would be item 1..

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After posting this I tried this;


echo (" ".$row['GUID']. " ".$row['userName']. " ".$row['health']. "  ".$row['level']. " ".$row['points']. " ".$row['killBonus']. " ".$row['killRate']. " ".$row['kills']. " ".$row['misses']. ";");

and I got the same result.  So do I treat the " " to be an item as well when placing the [number of item] in the C# code?

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You have taken the "|" characters out! How do expect to split it?

The echoed string should look like



$row = [ 'guid' => 'xyz',
         'username' => 'fred',
         'health' => 1, 
         'level' => 42
echo $row['guid'] . '|' . $row['username'] . '|' . $row['health'] . '|' . $row['level'];

or (easier if you want every $row item in their natural ORDER)

echo join('|', $row);

Then when you split it, the array will look like

    [0] => xyz
    [1] => fred
    [2] => 1
    [3] => 42


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I changed the echo to this


echo $row['GUID'] . '|' . $row['userName']. '|' .$row['health']. '|' .$row['level']. '|' .$row['points']. '|' .$row['killBonus']. '|' .$row['killRate']. '|' .$row['kills']. '|' .$row['misses'];


And it works perfectly.  I knew there was some formatting of the echo that was screwing me up.  

Thank you very much for your help.

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