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MySQL Column Choice

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ok lets say there was database that consisted of switchboard values (on or off)


column 1 (0 or 1)

column 2 (0 or 1)

column 3 (0 or 1)

column 4 (0 or 1)

column 5 (0 or 1)

column 6 (0 or 1)


now all of those are what they are (they define what is activated)


anyways right now they have their own correctponding colums, but I want to make them into one line of numbers...


so something like this




pretty much like chmod only its binary...


now which way would be best to do so. Should I make a column that is CHAR(6) or should I make a MEDIUMINT(6) colum.


Or if its possible, can a BIT column be made, so its binary



which way is better


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AFAIK, they did add a BIT column type in MySQL 5, so obviously, that would be ideal. In pre-5, I would suspect the INT columns would be better suited, but you can always check the relevant [a href=\"http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/storage-requirements.html\" target=\"_blank\"]refman page[/a] that discusses column storage requirements.

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