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Parsley js plugin help

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How can I add parsley attributes /rules in custom.js file instead of adding them in form field

I have

<form id="register">

<input type="email" name="email" id="email">



$("#register"). parsley (

//How to write all validation here not inside the input element. 


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  I don't like frameworks, because straight raw coding can do the same thing usually with less overhead. I the case of forms normal CSS and PHP does a fine job of this. All forms need to be validated and clean up on the server anyway. This the PHP part of my response. Using things like the <input type=""> and the 'required' attribute. Code your form with these and validate on the server.

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How can I instruct user with normal php,

Since normal php depend on form submission while the plugin help and instruct user to fill correct data

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