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how to open and add after multiple occurence of a line


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I am trying to add a few line of code using fopen

It works and it adds the lines but I have multiple occurrence of this line and I would like to all be amended.

$target_line='$second = (int)substr($raw_date, 17, 2);';
$lines_to_add= '$raw_datetime =  translate_from_gregorian($raw_datetime);'. PHP_EOL.
    '$year = (int)substr($raw_datetime, 0, 4);'. PHP_EOL.
    '$month = (int)substr($raw_datetime, 5, 2);'. PHP_EOL.
    '$day = (int)substr($raw_datetime, 8, 2);'. PHP_EOL;
$config ='includes/functions/general.php';
$file=fopen($config,"r+") or exit("Unable to open file!");
$insertPos=0;  // variable for saving //Users position
 while (!feof($file)) {
    if (strpos($line,$target_line)!==false) { 
        $insertPos=ftell($file);    // ftell will tell the position where the pointer moved, here is the new line after //Users.
        $newline =  $lines_to_add;
    } else {
        $newline.=$line;   // append existing data with new data of user

fseek($file,$insertPos);   // move pointer to the file position where we saved above 
fwrite($file, $newline);



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I think I know what you are trying to do and that is to modify a block of code that exists in several files.  So - my suggestion is to stop and re-think your actions here.  Why not alter all those lines to one call to a function passing in a variable?  Then write a stand-alone module that contains this function and have it do the work.  This way if you need to change this once again, you would only have to worry about one existence of this code.

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I am trying to. modify existing file in a php script to add a module for world calendars.

I want to make these changes like this so if in the future there is an upgrade to the original script I can make these changes without remembering what happened.

there is only two filets change and either 0,1,2 occurrences of this line. it is always the same and hasn't changed in 15 years;)

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This thread is more than a year old. Please don't revive it unless you have something important to add.

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