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Upload multiple images stops at 20


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I created scripting to upload multiple images simultaneously.

The files sizes allowed for upload are 2 MB (or larger) and are then resized to approx 300kb each.

In testing, I have discovered that the uploading terminated after 20 images.

Is there a variable that needs to be re-defined in order to easily allow uploads of several hundred images?

PS: I've seen several conflicting examples for defining max_file_size. What is the correct math to define this parameter?

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There are multiple settings that affect how much data you can POST to a script, which will affect how many uploads you can perform.

post_max_size - Limits the total size of the request so all your images combined must be less than this value.

upload_max_filesize - Limits the size of individual files.

max_file_uploads - Limits how many file inputs can be uploaded.

max_input_vars - Limits how many form fields can be submitted in total.


post_max_size needs to be at least as large as upload_max_filesize.  I usually set it to upload_max_filesize + 1MB, the extra MB allows for overhead and extra form fields.  max_input_vars needs to be at least as much as max_file_uploads.  It is by default pretty high.

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