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Convert excel to sql

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Hi. I have a large amount of data in an excel spread sheet. I have isolated 3 rows containing a date (yyyy-mm-dd plus two decimal values). I saved this as a tab delimited text instead of a comma separated csv. 

What I want to do is read each line of a text file and split it up into 3 and construct an INSERT INTO sql. the problem is this is not separated by comas for a split function. Can I split on a tab instead?

I have used commas in the past only.




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AS part of reading in the text file you can easily explode the row on those tab chars and then create your query input values.

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Posted (edited)

No sorry don't understand this. I have opened a text file for reading before.

I have a table

  `EntryDate` date DEFAULT NULL,
  `Value1` decimal(6,2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00',
  `Value2` decimal(6,2) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0.00'


I create this using PHP myadmin. I can upload a text file to the server

2020-03-01    8100.7    1212
2020-03-02    8113.1    1213
2020-03-03    8126.1    1214

How am I going to get the database table loaded with this? I do not work locally as I am using a windows stand alone PC and do not have my computer set up with all the PHP and MySQL bells and whistles. I can read the file and break it up into it,s component parts and compile an SQL query and execute it. I can't do it like you do locally and then upload the table. This is how I have to do things.

The hard way would be to create a exe using microsoft's Visual Studio reading and writing text files and run the resultant text in 
PHP Myadmin. Very long winded way of doing it.

Edited by Paul-D

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Having looked into PHP MyAdmin. There is an import tab. I can upload a txt file but I can't workout how to inport a txt file with tab formatting. See attached.

Any help would be gratefully received. 


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Thanks this works. Also I managed to convert an excel to a comma seperated (CSV). The only problem was the date was always'0000-00-00'. Seems that when converting from .XLSX to .CSV it forgets the formatting of the date. It has to be re-trained. PHP MyAdmin has a CSV upload which works with an excel.CSV and I can format the date as 'YYYY-MM-DD'. This makes it much easier than turning it into a TXT file and copying it into the SQL text box.

Thanks again both solutions work fine.

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