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Jim R

An issue with JOIN two tables...

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I need to match the city and school in two tables (CONCAT) so I can determine whether or not they use the toggle column.  

Toggle is in a_schools

city and school are in both

The others are in a_players


(I'm sure someone will ask why a_players table doesn't have/use teamID, but it's not effective for my people (or me) to enter names.)


With LEFT JOIN it gives me the list I should get, 15 rows.  However, the toggles are all NULL.  Two should have "1".  

Here is the query:


SELECT nameFirst,nameLast,feet,inches,p.city,p.school,grade,position,grouping,rankPos,toggle FROM a_players p
					LEFT JOIN a_schools s ON CONCAT(p.city,p.school) = CONCAT(s.school,s.school)
					WHERE position ='3' AND grade='23' AND grouping ='2'
					ORDER BY rankPos


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Posted (edited)

Sounds like there are no matching schools records - perhaps if you had CONCAT(s.city,s.school) instead of CONCAT(s.school,s.school) it may find matches.

or ...LEFT JOIN a_schools USING (city, school)

Edited by Barand

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Ugh...I hate typos.  


Thanks, as always.  I figured it was something simple.  

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