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Connecting to github with my ATOM - steps to take?


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hello dear fellows 

How is your locality dealing with Corona? I hope you all were fine and all goes well. 

i hope that this question is in the right subforum - 

i have had some experience with ATOM and github - but now i have to do a restart. This thread helps me. i have some questions to make clear that i understand all well…: just set me straight if i am wrong.   we can merge GitHub with Atom, so you can pull your repo on GitHub to Atom, that said we can:

see changes on Atom,

make changes in Atom,

commit in Atom, and then push to GitHub, similiar to GitHub Desktop just with a built-in editor. the core function “Git-Integrator” is a great feature:

at the moment it is like so: 

i have started ATOM and i have logged into my GIthub-account - online. Now the question is: how to connect to github from ATOM - how to connect both!? At the moment all looks like so:





again - i have started and i am looged online into my github account
and atom runs at the moment

which steps should i take next"!?


love to hear from you

regards dil_bert 


your apollodriver 

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Hey Dilbert,

This video walks you through pretty much everything you would need.  Since Atom came from github it has intrinsic github support.  This video pretty much covers everything you need to know from setup to workflow within the atom ui:  


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hello dear gizmola  many many thanks for the quick reply. 


i am very glad to hear from you.  I will have a closer look at this vid and will do all they advice. 


Again - many thanks.  Keep up the great work here.  It rocks. 


best regards 

dil_bert 😃

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