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Should you promote your client list?


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I had someone ask me today about this.  Should you tell the world about your client list, for fear of others checking the, and 'cold calling' them?

We know of a company in the London area that provides high-end products to some big names, both on the high street and off it.  While they do articles on their website about certain work they did for a company, they don't have an actual 'Portfolio' list.

Part of this reason is to stop others trying to 'muscle in'.

On one part of the argument it can help.  Particularly if what you do is done by many.  So it's good to say Company A and B both chose us!!  How exciting.  And from a Coding point of view, it gives those companies a good back link.

But on the other side, do you want those companies to be cold called, to ask about a cheaper or (how they see it) better service?  If the company in question doesn't supply pricing, it does put up part of that barrier though.

Just keen to learn, in the world of Design and Hosting, what's the view on this.  Should companies show their client list (or some of them), or should they no, and perhaps appear a little arrogant.

I for one haven't found any design company that doesn't.



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