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sharing of forums posts from Stackoverflow in phpBB


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dear fellows at the php-Freaks-forum 


first of all: hope you are all well and all goes okay in your locality.  I hope that you can cope with all the corona-issues. 

plz stay healthy!


I would like to see a forum plugin [phpbb] that would allow the sharing of forums posts from Stackoverflow in phpBB.
It gets rather annoying seeing that this is not possible in the past.

so the question is - is this possible - to share posts that appear on SO or in the forum in another place.

see such an option at stackoferflow:


Share a link to this question (includes your user id)


the question is: does the Stack Overflow API currently has a so called sharing function. If one want to migrate posts, hi had to do this in earlier times best bet is to do it by hand.

Eventually the API will include sharing functions. At the moment they have such a sharing function to DEV.to, to FaceBook and Twitter.

is there a timetable for the sharing option and some access on the SO-API.

plz stay healthy!



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Only SO can add something to their share function, and they can't share to "generic phpBB" so you will never see that.

SO has a rest API that could be used to build a "shared" widget within a particular piece of software.  See the documentation:  https://api.stackexchange.com/docs

Ideally this would work by pasting a link in, and phpBB would need a component that interpreted the SO link, pulled the data for the question and presented it within the post. 


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hello dear gizmola, hi requinix,😉


many thanks for your replies and the ideas - @requinix you posting made me smile… ;)

first of all - this idea is rooted in the impression i got by my first steps on dev.to: i saw that you can share topics / not the whole thread to dev.to - that is a great features.  At the moment i do not know what happens with such content on dev.to - i did not try it out - and that said: i am a dev.to member for only one week now. 

btw: the options of the idea of "sharing to a phpBB:  see  https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=496&t=2546646&p=15466131#p15466131
David63 says:


Having just had a quick look at the Stack Exchange API documentation it would appear to be possible but it also appears that it would either need to have a complex interface in order to tailor the output or an extension would need to be specific to an individual's requirements


note: you can share the posts or at least the Subjects to dev.to /besides to Twitter and Facebook too  and regarding he structure of SO i like the post  of Zohar Peled on dev.to  cf https://dev.to/peledzohar/differences-between-dev-and-stackoverflow-6o3

note: its more to be a humorous comparison rather then a real feature-to-feature list. 



Wait, wait, I know what you're thinking - This is comparing apples to oranges - but bare with me for a minute.

In Dev, we get to write articles - in Stackoverflow, we write questions and answers.

In Dev, we have hearts and unicorns - in Stackoverflow we have down votes.

In Dev, discussion is encouraged - in Stackoverflow, comments aren't for discussion. You'll get banished to the chat.

In Dev, we can write (almost) anything we want - in Stackoverflow, your post gets closed as off topic and deleted.

In Dev, human interaction is encouraged - in Stackoverflow, words like "Thanks" and "Good day" in your post are considered as noise.

In Dev, the community is all about the developers - in Stackoverflow, we are only here for the questions and answers.

In Dev, every person is considered equal - in Stackoverflow, We're keeping score.

In Dev, we're here to write, read, communicate and share ideas - in Stackoverflow, we're here to solve problems.

This post was inspired by a sketch of one of my personal all times favorites comedians - George Carlin. I know I'm not half as funny as he was, but I hope I did make you smile.




[sorry for the bad format - but this is quote below - was not intended - and i t cannot be fixed at the moment;) 





 that said i  want to point out the strength and the pros of phpFreak:  
- here at this great site - at phpFreak - were here to write, read, communicate and share ideas, knowldged and - in Stackoverflow, we're here to solve problems.
- here - at this site discussion is encouraged - it is a great place… 
- and here we have the free discussion and the option to write a question - without being downvoted.. 
for me this is pretty important: - i need this method and this ability to write. 

note: Heinrich von Kleist a german novelist talks about the gradual production of thoughts  cf https://pure.mpg.de/rest/items/item_2352284/component/file_2352283/content - sorry; only in German). To develope a thought it is (at least to me) very important to use free speech.. without limitation or the SO based regulations… 

and to avoid a misunderstanding: the idea is not to steal the content from SO - but the idea to extract some stuff in order to create them to longer content with explanations etc. etx.  see such an example with enrichment and explantion…  cf https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60885198/beautifulsoup-web-scrape-get-children/60886597#comment107723844_60886597 - very interesting - it is a great example..

idea: the port-over of creatain SO-questions (which are interesting to me] to a own phpBB - into a private area - that means not readable for the world...:… note: its all about learning… ;) not stealing ideas or content. 

above all : this was only a thought - and i have to check out whats the pros and cons of sharing the SO-articles (i guess not that were 
able to share the whole thread) 

have a great day - and stay at home, stay safe,  stay healthy,;)


ps - this site rocks - it is a great place to be.  And it is  it because  you both are also here.  Keep up this great work - this great project - it rocks!!!


[sorry for the bad format - but this is quote  - it was not intended - and i t cannot be fixed at the moment;) 

have a great day 


regars dil_bert

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dear Gizmola, dear requinix, 


again me -  well to second the allready said things -  it is all about learning - i want to have some areas of free speech and learning - an area where we can develope ideas. 
and yes: the q&a structure at SO supports learing - and a scaffolding approach

I am looking for ideas that support a scaffolding-approach in coding - and for the help: in the terms of a learing theory-approach. i regard the SO- Q&A-Area as a place where one could get more insights into Coding-things... 

- with mini-lessons - we can see this  with a walk through the some oft he SO-questions that give us many many examples for these kind of  
- starting points for us to make the next steps... some of them 
- describe concepts in multiple ways...;(with the different approaches ) and some question-answer-threads 
- Incorporate practical steps and also aids with code and theoretical concepts - like links to the tutorials;
- give novices the time to do some things with the first steps and yet...
- encourage (all the novices) to go ahead with little steps; therefore offer mini-lessions...
- to summarize: more or less - these things above - they are essential features of scaffolding that facilitate learning
- to work with these so called scaffolds in "simple" skill acquisition or they may be dynamic and generative";
cf. the concepts of instructional scaffolding: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instructional_scaffolding (**)

so plz regard the idea of "Farming"  or linking (which describes it much much better) certain threads as a idea that targets and aims only one thing. Learing. 


As pointed out yesterday - the SO_AREA is somewhat very very rigid in terms of allowing free-speech and discussion 

- in Stackoverflow, comments aren't for discussion. You'll get banished to the chat.

- in Stackoverflow, words like "Thanks" and "Good day" in your post are considered as noise.

- in Stackoverflow we have down votes (okay and up votes - but this system does not support any discursive method of learning.. This is awful in every sence of learning... in that regard SO is terrible terrible 


- plz  keep up this place - phpFreaks is a better place - we need to keep it open ... 


have a great day - and stay at home, stay safe,  stay healthy,;)


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