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current date is wrong


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when i try to insert to table date value it gives me wrong current date.

$joindate = date('m-d-Y');
$sql = mysqli_query($con,"INSERT INTO staff (OracleID,StaffName,Des,joindate,username,password,isadmin)
VALUES ('$oracleid','$name','$des','$joindate','$username', '$pass','$isadmin')");

i get this in the main page after making date("d-m-Y",strtotime(date))


why is that?

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5 minutes ago, ramiwahdan said:

why is that?

Because you should always work with yyyy-mm-dd format in your database (column type DATE)

If you always want to insert the current date, use

VALUES ('$oracleid','$name','$des',CURDATE(),'$username', '$pass','$isadmin')

EDIT: and use prepared statements!

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