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Outdated/deprecated functions


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VSCode on Mac

Coding in PHP file. When typing, InteliSense (or SSA) follows the cursor and display hints.

Seems ok, but it displays many names that, once inserted into code, get strike-through (meaning they are deprecated.

Would not be easier to remove them from IntelliSense rather than confusing others?

When coding in other languages, deprecated names does not appear in IS. Its php-specific issue.

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Apparently the author of whatever PHP language server extension you're using decided that their list would show deprecated items and give you the choice of whether you used them. If you don't like that, see if there's a setting to hide them.

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The rationale is that even though they are deprecated, they are technically still available to be used and someone may want/need to use them.

I've used various libraries in the past that have created a new API and deprecated their old one.  Usually updating to the new API isn't something that can be done right away so when I need to work on that code I'll need to continue to use those deprecated functions for a while.

Not sure about VSCode but PHPStorm shows such functions with a strike-out in the autocomplete popup as well so you know right away that the function is deprecated.  That lets you easily avoid them in new code but still have access to them when maintaining existing code.

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