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PHP Timeout issue


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I have a heavy php page that is timing out at 30 seconds. I do not have access to change/set any ini or max_execution_time or the like. I need to find some creative workaround. First, I looked at async calls, but I'm using Yii 1.1 at the moment and it didn't look like simple to implement when I had a quick glance at that. Is it possible to load the content via ajax instead?

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The type of data your processing and how you are loading that data can make a huge impact on the runtime of your scripts.  For example if you're querying a database you might be running hundreds or thousands of queries when instead you could run one or two.  You might be looping over your result set many times to apply different actions when maybe a little refactoring could do the same in one or two loops. 

30 seconds is a long time so either your processing a large amount of data or your code is very inefficient.  Breaking up the task across ajax calls may be possible, but you should make sure your PHP code is as efficient as it can be first.


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Thanks for your input. It is a heavy calculation, and not inefficent db calls, that is causing the load. The script is rather optimized as it is, not perfect, but I don't think I can make up many seconds by going over it once more. I'll try that first though, and then look at ajax.

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