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translate my code please; javascript to php


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translate my code please; javascript to php. very very very very thanks.

<input type="checkbox" name="myfilter" value="+abst">Amytag1
<input type="checkbox" name="myfilter" value="+mini">Amytag8
<input type="checkbox" name="myfilter" value="+popa">Amytag9
<input type="checkbox" name="myfilter" value="+impr">Amytag13
<input type="checkbox" name="myfilter" value="+green">Amytag15
<input type="checkbox" name="myfilter" value="+gh5">Amytag18
<input type="checkbox" name="myfilter" value="+gh4">Amytag19
<input type="checkbox" name="myfilter" value="+gh3">Amytag34
  <input id="search1" placeholder="Word Search..." value="">
  <input id="year1" placeholder="Year" value="">
  <input id="month1" placeholder="Month" value="">
  <input id="day1" placeholder="Day" value="">
  <input id="mymenu" value="">
<button onclick="myFunction()" class="Sbutton">search it</button>

function myFunction() {
  var myfilter = document.forms[0];
  var txt = "";
  var i;
  for (i = 0; i < myfilter.length; i++) {
    if (myfilter[i].checked) {
      txt = txt + myfilter[i].value;
      var year = "&year=" + document.getElementById("year1").value;
      var month = "&month=" + document.getElementById("month1").value;
     var day = "&day=" + document.getElementById("day1").value;
     var search = "&s=" + document.getElementById("search1").value;
	  var tag = "/?tag=" + document.getElementById("mymenu").value;
  var zzz = "http://test.com/category/art" + txt + tag + year + month + day + search;



and please, not use this way:

  header("Location: {$target}");

Because it doesn't work on my site (for some reason).

p.s: I have a lot of checkbox.

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