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RSS-feed - derived from wordpress-forums API: is there an option!?

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hello dear all, good day dear experts - good day dear Freaks 


first of all: i hope youre fine and all goes well at your site!

i am using the wordpress_org page for interaction and idea exchange. 

so the thread of today is  concerned about: XML or RSS-feed for plugin support on wordpress page: is there an API and a endpoint 

afaik the official Plugin support pages doesn’t provide any links for RSS feed. At least i did not find one link. 

i there a API or a endpoint that we can use here?!  Can we add “feed” to the end of link to get RSS feed like this https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/connections/feed,

is this possible!?  If so this would be not bad. But wait: This feed displayed only first message for each topic.


What is aimed:  i wanna  I get all messages from support? Because I need posibility to get answers via RSS. Well it would be a good thing to have a API for that, but if not  there an access to the XML version of each thread would be interesting too:  I guess that we can do it like so: by appending “feed” to the end of the URL.

background: I need  a fully fledged XML, but for all messages in support forum for one plugin. 
imagine: adding each thread to RSS feed is not convenient - it is a mess. 
I need just to see answer for all topic in my RSS feed, but I see only first message in topic. This is awful. 

If I need to watch answers for something like 50 plugins, then i run into a huge overload with this approach. Imagine this is done for 100 plugins. 
It certainly would be a whole mess. 

it would be hard work : ... open each plugin support page and check is there some answer, but this take a lot of time.

any idea - how to solve this issue 



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