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How to redirect page after submission

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After I input a number and press submit, it'll do some calculating and write the number to a file. 

Once its done I want it to go to another page but it doesn't seem to work. Ive tried header with no luck .


Heres my code:

   $number = $_POST['number-entered'];
    foreach ( range(1, $number) as $i ) {  
    $triangle_numbers[] = $i * ( $i + 1 ) / 2;  
    //make a file
    $contents = fopen('gs://a1-task22020.appspot.com/triangular_' .$number. ".txt", "w");
    fwrite($contents,implode(',', $triangle_numbers));
    //open the file
    $contents = fopen('gs://a1-task22020.appspot.com/' . $content, 'w');
   //re-open the document if you put something in it
    fwrite($contents, $number);
 header("Location: https://a1-task22020.ts.r.appspot.com/result.php");



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Are you getting any errors? Is PHP set to output all errors?

Perhaps the call to header() isn't being executed. Have you tried outputting something right before the call to header()?

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