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Notification.php (update data in MySQL and send email to user) after RedSys PAYMENT GATEWAY is not working HELP!

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I have a form for users to make reservations and they have to pay for that.

I activate the Payment Gateway Platform (by Redsys in Spain), and it works fine asking you for card number and it goes through correctly and says PAYMENT OK, but the notification.PHP FILE does not work.

Could my server (SSL) configuration be the problem? or is it the CODE?

Any help about this, please, would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Part of the Nofication.php code is:



  $handle = fopen("_redsys.log", "a");


  $miObj = new RedsysAPI; 

  $version = postvalue("Ds_SignatureVersion"); 
  $params = postvalue("Ds_MerchantParameters"); 
  $signatureRecibida = postvalue("Ds_Signature");

//  $version = "HMAC_SHA256_V1"; 
//  $params = "eyJEc19BbW91bnQiOiIyMDAiLCJEc19DdXJyZW5jeSI6Ijk3OCIsIkRzX09yZGVyIjoiMjAwNjE4MDkyNDMzIiwiRHNfTWVyY2hhbnRDb2RlIjoiOTk5MDA4ODgxIiwiRHNfVGVybWluYWwiOiIxIiwiRHNfUmVzcG9uc2UiOiI5OTk4IiwiRHNfQXV0aG9yaXNhdGlvbkNvZGUiOiIiLCJEc19UcmFuc2FjdGlvblR5cGUiOiIwIiwiRHNfU2VjdXJlUGF5bWVudCI6IjAiLCJEc19MYW5ndWFnZSI6IjEiLCJEc19NZXJjaGFudERhdGEiOiIifQ=="; 
//  $signatureRecibida = "Aa6GG9IfCYlRrj-yF5VxXg_qmhJ3R-fmfXxGvB8w2Sk="; 
  $txt = "version=".$version."\nparams=".$params."\nsignatureRecibida=".$signatureRecibida."\n";
  fwrite($handle,"\n\n\n".date("Y-m-d h:i:s")."\n");

  $decodec = $miObj->decodeMerchantParameters($params); 
  $codigoRespuesta = $miObj->getParameter("Ds_Response"); 

  $claveModuloAdmin = 'sq7HjrUOBfKmC576ILgskD5srU870gJ7'; 
  $signatureCalculada = $miObj->createMerchantSignatureNotif($claveModuloAdmin, $params); 
  $res = my_json_decode($decodec);

  if ($signatureCalculada === $signatureRecibida && $res["Ds_AuthorisationCode"]!="++++++" && !isset($res["Ds_ErrorCode"]) { 
    fwrite($handle,"Ds_Order = ".$res["Ds_Order"]."\n");
    DB::Query("update reservas set status=1 where Ds_Order='".$res["Ds_Order"]."'");
    $rs2 = DB::Query("select * from reservas where Ds_Order='".$res["Ds_Order"]."'");
    $values = $rs2->fetchAssoc();
    $msg.= "El seu codi de reserva és: ". dechex(999999999-$values['Id_Reserva'])."<br>";
    $msg.= "Código sin cifrar: ". 999999999-$values['Id_Reserva']."<br>";
    $msg.= "Reserva descifrada ". (((hexdec(dechex(999999999-$values['Id_Reserva'])))-999999999)*-1)."<br>";
    $msg.= "La data de la seva reserva es : ".$values['Dia']."-".$values['Mes']."-".$values['Año']."<br>";

    $sql = "SELECT Espacio FROM Espacios WHERE Id_Espacio=" . $values["Id_Espacio"];
    $rs = CustomQuery($sql);
    $data = db_fetch_array($rs);
    //$result["txt"] = "Ãrea: " . $data["c"];
    //$msg.= "QR : " .$values['QR']."\r\n";         //json_decode($image, true);
    //<img src="http://www.htmldog.com/badge1.gif">          https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=150x150&chl=12345678
    //$image2= '<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,'.$values['QR'].'>';
    $msg.= '<img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=150x150&chl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sungest.net/reservas_list.php?qs='.dechex(999999999-$values['Id_Reserva']).'&f=all%2F&choe=UTF-8">';
    //echo '<img src="https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=150x150&chl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sungest.net/reservas_list.php?qs='.dechex(999999999-$values['Id_Reserva']).'&f=all%2F&choe=UTF-8">';

    //    echo '<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,'.$imageData.'">';
    //echo '<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,'.$imageData.'">';
    //echo '<img src="data:image/jpeg;base64,'.$imageData.'">';
    $msg.= "<font size=4 color='Navy'><b>La seva reserva és per anar a : </b></font>". "<font size=5 color='Olive'><b>" .$data["Espacio"] . "</b></font><br>";
    $msg.= "<font size=4 color='Olive'><b>La seva àrea assignada és: </b></font>".$values['Id_Area']."<br>";

    $subject="La seva reserva per la platja";
    $ret=runner_mail(array('to' => $email, 'subject' => $subject, 'htmlbody' => $msg));
        echo "ok";
      DB::Exec("delete from reservas where Ds_Order='".$res["Ds_Order"]."'");


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What do you mean by the notification "does not work"? What does it actually do? What were you expecting it to do?

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