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video autoplay - chrome


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I have a video to play at the load of the page but I have a problem. autoplay is set and i don't want to start muted as i need the sound to be heard. The weird part is, if the page is loaded it won't start but if i moved to different page then go back to the main page, it will start the video with sound!



	<div align="center">
		<video width="100%" height="25%" controls poster="img\thumb\overview.jpg" autoplay>
			<source src="vids\cs-cdi\overview.mp4">
		<b>Featured Video from student to classmates - G12A1 - CDI</b>

Please help.

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You really don't need to use a DIV in the HTML code. Your video is at 100% and centering is unresponsive. To center the <B> text use:

 style="text-align:center;display:block;margin: 0 auto;" to the tag


I found a hack for you to try.

Add an ID to the video (ID="myvideo").


<script> document.getElementById('myvideo').play(); </script>

See if that works.


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