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Project works on local server but not on live server

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Following a tutorial on udemy, i tried to learn the very basics of mvc structure. I built the same project on my local server and it worked without giving me any error. but when i tried it on live server. its not working as it should. not showing any error. I tried to figure out the problem and found that for every page loading, it stops at the same line in my main.php file.

<?php require($view); ?>

starting from the above line. it stops. i came here to share my problem but i am unable to upload my files here. if there is a way to upload and share my files, please guide. zip file size of the whole project is 31.6 kb

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This is an environmental issue between your local server and your Production one, i.e. something is set up differently between the two.

That require() statement is telling PHP to go and read the contents of some file and to fail if it cannot find that file. 
The file is specified in the variable, $view.  

To what value is this variable set to on your local server

Where does the PHP code set that value? 

   Phill  W.


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Thank you for reply,

From log file I found the issue and resolved it

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