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SQL date range query


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Hi i have the following code


$sql= "SELECT * FROM income WHERE month(date) between '04' and '12' and year(date) between 2020 and 2020";

This obviously selects all the information from April 2020 to December 2020


How do i change this to add a date as well for example if i wanted to display all the information from April 6th 2020 to December 5th 2020 ?


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7 hours ago, StevenOliver said:

select * from my_table where dateInfo >= 2020-01-01 and dateInfo <= '2020-07-19';

A couple of caveats for the record...

1 ) 2020-01-01, without the quotes, evaluates to 2018 (2020 minus 1 minus 1) but I'm sure it was just a typo in this instance.

2 ) if dateinfo is a datetime type then you need to make sure you use only its date portion when comparing against '2020-07-19' (which is actually '2020-07-19 00:00:00').
If datainfo were to contain '2020-07-19 01:00:00' then it would be outside the range if you don't compare DATE(dateinfo)

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