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How to print out multiple rows from database

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Let's assume this is my table

Name           Amount            Gender

Stone Cold.  1245.                 Male

Kingsley.       500                    Male.

Stone Cold   2367                  Male

Stone Cold.  5678.                  Male

Now I want to print stone cold rows. Which is row 1,3 and 4 just exactly the same format with he above table. How do I get to do that.

My code is   

                       $id = $_SESSION['login'];
                        $sqlB = "SELECT * FROM activities WHERE username=? ORDER BY No  DESC LIMIT 10";
$stmtB = $connection->prepare($sqlB); 
$stmtB->bind_param('s', $id);
$resultB = $stmtB->get_result();

while($rowB = $resultB->fetch_all(MYSQLI_ASSOC)){
 foreach ($rowB as $out) {
    echo implode(' ', $out) . "<br>";

// exit; 



I don't understand how to put each row for stone cold into HTML row. Please don't be annoyed by my question, I know its a simple stuff but I've tried several stuffs, I can't get what I need still. If I print $rowB I get all want from the database in arrays. Thanks!!!

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With mysqli, when you use prepare() you get a statement object.

The fetch_all() method you are using is a mysqli result object method (You get a result object when you use mysqli query() ).

mysqli was built by two teams of developers who never spoke to one another, and so you get one set of methods for statements and a completely different set for results.

Use PDO and this mess goes away.

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20 minutes ago, gw1500se said:


AND name='Stone Cold'

to your WHERE clause in the query. Assuming 'name' is that column name.

The $id is its name. So am indexing it with the name. It finds it but only output the first row but if I print $rowB I get all the rows for stone cold in arrays though

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