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limesurvey - pre installation check stalls permanent - how to go round 

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hello dear all, 

limesurvey - pre installation check stalls permanent - how to go round 

today i want to share my issues with you - the issues that i have with limesuvey a very very famous open-source-survey.script



Latest Linux Installer Stalls at Pre-Installation Check 

Have unpacked and run installation script, but find it stalls continuously at the Pre-Installation check.
The two warning which are apparently really errors (since installation is not allowed to proceed) are:

Session Writeable
> session.save_path: /temp

PHP LDAP Library
> Warning Icon

Could find no online docs to provide any insight into further troubleshooting.
well dear commuity i want you to confirm that the  directory permissions are set per installation docs.

Any suggestions welcome.

by the way: 
can i go round the annoying step of the Pre-Installation check? This is pretty annoying...: 


We save a session variable : https://github.com/LimeSurvey/LimeSurvey/blob/14b5f4b26ac79ec244117c5e599ec6d06c04294e/application/controllers/InstallerController.php#L169

We read a session variable : https://github.com/LimeSurvey/LimeSurvey/blob/14b5f4b26ac79ec244117c5e599ec6d06c04294e/application/controllers/InstallerController.php#L206

If it's not set : it's not writable …

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