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Okay, now you get to do what I've had to do a thousand times.... google your error message, click the first result and see which scenario applies to your script.

Debugging goes like this:
1.) Error reporting (you now have that at the top of your page)
2.) Google your errors
3.) Fix your errors.

p.s. I'm still bothered about your <form> tag which appears to have no action ... but I'm too lazy to read your code and see if you have a javascript form.submit() in there somewhere...

p.s#2 ..and the line of code that reads: if(isset($_COOKIE["id"])) .... where is "id" anywhere on what you posted? I see a setcookie("user_id" ..... and obviously "id" is different than "user_id" so does that need fixin' ???

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1 hour ago, eddcaton said:

Do you think this might influence the cookie setting? 

no. it will set php's error related setting so that php will help you find what's causing the problem by reporting and displaying all the errors it detects.

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21 minutes ago, StevenOliver said:

your <form> tag which appears to have no action ...

in html5, no action attribute at all means that the form submits to the same page. you can also set action='#' to submit to the same page, but an empty action attribute, action='', is not valid html5 markup (as of the last time i checked.)

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Thanks for all the help and assistance on this really annoying issue. 

I have now found the error in the code. 

When coding in Sublime everything looks fine and no issues. When i took a look at the file directly from Cpanel there was a single . before <?php which threw the whole lot off. 

I have removed the dot from the cpanel view and it works perfectly now.


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