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Recommended Session length?


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For PHP 7.4, what is the recommended session length that I should be using to have the best security?

In DEV< in my php.ini file, session.sid_length = 26

According to the comments above that, it sounds like you can go up to 256.

Is it fair to assume that larger is more secure?

Also, if I set it to a larger size like 256, is tehre any risk of breaking things on my (VPS) web server running WHM/cPanel?

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9 hours ago, requinix said:

The length of the session ID isn't even remotely as important as what you do with your sessions in code. Focus on that instead.

When I was searching last night for what the length might be, and where to find it, I saw an article by OWASP saying that your session id should be at least 128 bytes long to prevent against brute-force attacks, although I didn't read the article.

Would it hurt to change my php.ini file to have session.sid_length = 256 ?


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