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How can I export or query all euroean hospitals from Open Street Map


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dear community 


hello dear friends.. 

first of all - i hope  that you are all right and everything goes well at your site!  I hope that your hometown is dealing well with covid-19-

the question of today: How can I export or query all euroean hospitals from Open Street Map

by the way this can be regarded as a contribution to the COVID-19 response - fiding a list of all European Hospitals: Find all datasets available for download on COVID-19.

how can we download data on hospital. - very important: i need the maps and (!!) the data like adress, webiste, location etc. etx. I am looking for a (european) dataset of hospitals: mainly locations, but if possible also names, sizes, number of beds. As far as I can tell, this does not exist yet, but perhaps there are good starting points!

btw: some approaches:

healthsites.io is an open data effort to map healthcare entities (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, private practices, etc.) worldwide. The data is drawn from OpenStreetMap and at a minimum provides the name and geographic coordinates of each healthcare entity. There is a OSM data model for health sites, details provided here. The data is released under the Open Data License.

which options do we have!?

can i exort maps - created by requests to the overpass-turbo.eu page: and export the kml-results into a plugin or a block in Wordpress!? That would be more than great

At the moment i am in the early planning stages of a new project.

again – the approaches:

well i want to export the maps in kml or geojson.

a. southamerica or

b. europe

for a overview or for retrival …

for example a: … showing a map that i have gathered – from http://www.overpass-turbo.eu

	/* more areas..*/
	/* other queries... */
	out center;

for example b:

	[out:csv(::id,::type,"name","addr:postcode","addr:city","addr:street","addr:housenumber","website"," contact:email=*")][timeout:600];
	/* more areas..*/
	out center;

and besides showing some maps i want to offer a retrival: eg with a plugin like

wp-jobmanager or wp-participants database ( cf; https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/participants-database/ )

	812380089 way Clínica Tarapacá Iquique Barros Arana 1550 https://www.clinicatarapaca.cl/
	812714508 way Hospital Clínico Viña del Mar Viña del Mar Limache 1741
	817842590 way Hospital de Fresia San José 301
	819315869 way Nueva Clínica Madre e Hijo Avenida Santa Rosa 1503
	822509761 way SurMédica
	828332217 way Consalud
	829563034 way Hospital de Niños Dr. Roberto del Río
	831654714 way Clínica Reñaca
	832118050 way Clínica Alemana Beauchef 765
	832203189 way Clínica Curicó Curicó Villota
	840220768 way Hospital Angol General Óscar Bonilla 750
	840359494 way
	844876695 way SOS RESCATE ANIMAL 100000 La Huaica Bernardo O'Higgins S/N
	4587756 relation Clínica Portada Antofagasta Avenida José Manuel Balmaceda 2648 http://www.clinicaportada.cl/
	6066032 relation Complejo Asistencial Doctor Víctor Ríos Ruiz Avenida Ricardo Vicuña 0147
	6634378 relation Preuniversitario Pedro de Valdivia Lo Barnechea Avenida José Alcalde Délano 10581 https://www.preuniversitariopedrodevaldivia.cl/
	7133551 relation

well do you think that i can do some thing – eg the import of data that is derived eg

.from healthsites.io or openstreetmap (the GeoJSON or KML data )?

look forward to hear from you


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